Destination ImagiNation A.K.A DI

What is Destination ImagiNation?

I began my passion with creative problem solving in the 6th grade. I participated in Odyssey of the Mind for each year in middle school. My family became a huge supporter in the creative problem solving process, as my sister's team was highly successful, making it to World Finals their first year! Being around creative people and surrounding myself with opportunities to showcase my creativity was a huge motivation for me! It really set the tone for my life as a creative person. In fact, I was even able to get a minor in Integrated Creative Arts at Western Michigan University!
My first year I sought out Odyssey of the Mind, determined to be involved as a coach...only to find out OM was on hold, as they were involved in legal matters over their trademark...of all things! Luckily, a group of creative problem solver supporters got together and created Destination Imagination in 1999. Since the first year, DI has changed quite a bit...but for the better! It is one of the best programs I have ever been a part of...and one that I think gives the best bang for the buck! Competition, Creativity, Teamwork, and Life Skills...all in an after school program! I have been a team manager and district coordinator since 1999...and I will probably be involved with DI for life! Come check out why I am so passionate about it, and why you should be too!

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